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Set Tempura Maxi

Common meal`s weight: 1470 g
899 грн. 830 грн.
Price in reward points: 899 Credit points: 19

The Tempura mini set includes three hot tempura roles. Namely Tokyo Tempura, Sano Tempura and Furai Tempura.

Tokyo Tempura includes: crab, salmon, spice sauce, melted cheese, cucumber and tempura.

Furai Tempura includes: tiger prawns, cheese, fried cheese, cucumber, spice sauce and tempura.

San Tempura includes: fried salmon, mozzarella, cucumber, mayonnaise and tempura.

Noto Tempura includes: eel, cucumber, mozzarella, unagi sauce and tempura.

Kago Tempura includes: roasted salmon, mozzarella, green onion, sauce and chamomile tempura.

Totori Tempura includes: bacon, tamago, mozzarella, sauce and chamomile tempura.

Set includes

The total weight of the set is 1460g (+/- 5%). net, that is, does not include the weight of applications and sauce.

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