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Cheese balls are the best option for quickly quenching hunger. Additionally you can choose caramel, fruit topping or any sauce...
Вага: 250 грам
110 грн.
The chicken sticks in tempura is a good choice to put an end to hunger. 200 grams is enough to kill hunger. You can also choose 50g of mayonnaise or ketchup for chicken...
Вага: 200 грам
136 грн.
The Italian flat bread, flavored with olive oil and flavored, is so delicious that it does not even require the necessary accompaniment. Focaccia can be eaten on its own, especially if the focaccia is stuffed. Olive..
Вага: 240 грам
39 грн.
Shrimp Tempura with crunchy crust..
Вага: 100 грам
125 грн.
Squid in Tempura with crispy crust..
Вага: 200 грам
120 грн.
Delicate Tempura Salmon with Crunchy Crust..
Вага: 80 грам
105 грн.
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